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Examples Of Repairs We Can Do For You

Special orders or complex repairs don’t scare us. We take on almost any challenge.

Because of the extreme nature of work truck bodies are used for, here are some common repairs that crop up:
There are times we can revitalize an old, worn-out box (as long as it can keep its existing hydraulics and electronics). If a truck body needs a complete overhaul (e.g. nothing old can be kept), that type of job falls under a new build.

Wondering How Long Your Repair Will Take & How Much It Will Be?

Repairs can take anywhere from 1 hour to 2 weeks on non-Langfab bodies.

As for Langfab bodies, we can repair them within 24 hours due to us being intimately acquainted with our own products.

As for cost, we never give a promised quote on our services because sometimes there’s more going on than anticipated.

Perhaps your truck body requires some welding repairs as well as new brakes, and you had no idea!

While we never go ahead and add hours to your service without calling you first, we never know how long a repair will take until we dig into it.

Service Centre Questions

The Service Centre is open 7am – 9pm, Monday thru Friday.

Yup! We can work on any truck body, Langfab or not.

General repairs/maintenance on Langfab truck bodies can be done in 24 hours due to us being intimately acquainted with our own products.

On non-Langfab bodies, repairs can be just as quick, or range from 1-2 weeks.

We never give a promised quote on cost because sometimes a repair is more complicated than originally anticipated. We never go ahead and do work you didn’t agree to, but we make sure you know of any problems we come across. Shop rates are posted on our Service Centre page.

We can service any truck body, Langfab or not. We can also service any custom projects we built.

We’ve repaired truck bodies that were in awful wrecks. It just becomes a matter of money. Are you willing to spend $30k fixing a $40k body?

Sometimes bodies are complete write-offs no matter what we do (all parts are compromised, and will never be road-safe again). If this is the case, we are upfront with you.  Our priority is getting you back on the road safely.

First step is contacting us. After that is a deposit, which is calculated once we have an idea of your project’s scope. Then we design your project, gain your approval, then fabricate it!

Our 3 Service Rates

Paint Shop

Touch-up and repainting service.


Machine Shop

Specialty services. Does your truck body need a custom cut sheet of metal? This rate also covers small, complex components.


Fabrication & Service Shop

Welding & general repair, from brakes to tarp systems.


Is My Truck Body Worth Repairing?

We’ve repaired trailers that have been in terrible wrecks. Even though they came to us completely mangled, we managed to straighten them out and get them road safe once more.

But the main question you have to ask yourself is whether or not the cost of the repair is worth it. Should you spend $30k on a truck body worth $40k? Or should you just get a new body?

There are rare instances where, no matter what we do, we can’t make the body road safe again. It’s so wrecked that everything is compromised. For instance, a body floor should only be replaced a certain amount of times.

We don’t expect you to make this decision on your own (if you don’t want to). We’re more than happy to take a look at your truck body and give you advice on what we think should happen next. Our core priority is getting you back on the road safely.

Does Your Commercial Trailer
Need A Certified Inspection?

Our team is certified to inspect and approve commercial trailers for insurance.

1x a year your commercial trailer has to have the following inspected:

Overall, the inspection looks at whether or not your trailer is road safe.

Call us today to set up an inspection. We can sign off on any commercial trailer, Langfab or not.

CTEA Certified:

What It Means To Be A Final-Stage Manufacturer

A Final Stage Manufacturer is a manufacturer who is certified through CTEA (or Canadian Transportation Equipment Association) to place a Compliance Decal on finished vehicles.

CTEA helps companies comply with the rules Transport Canada comes up with and enforces.

To put it simply, everything we design and build meets Transport Canada’s vehicle safety requirements. The decal we place on each product declares its completion.

Each decal declares all final-stage capacity and weight info and the vehicle’s VIN.

Nothing leaves our shop without our engineers signing off on it.

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Note: If you’re experiencing issues with the truck itself, we suggest contacting your dealership

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Fast Fact

Langfab is a trusted advisor for the CVSE (Commercial Vehicle Safety Enforcement) and ICBC’s Repair Facility.

If a commercial vehicle is in an accident, we help determine what caused the wreck. Did the weld snap, or did the brakes fail? The vehicles involved are towed to us so we can do a thorough assessment.

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