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Why Langfab?

The last thing you want is to put money, time, and effort into an asset that’s isn't optimal for your business.

When you first reach out to us, we discuss everything from your current requirements to what you hope to do in the future with your dump body. Do you want to haul rock? Do you haul different types of loads every day?

  We make sure you get the exact right product for your job.

Features That Come Standard
With Every Langfab Light Steel Body

Langfab Light Steel Body Dump Truck
Need More Functionality?


Customize Your Workhorse
For Added Performance

Get More Done. Here’s the list of optional add-ons that will increase productivity & efficiency, so you can move faster.

This tarp system is installed on the top of your dump body’s Cab Guard in order to get the tarp roller and arms away from possible damage.

It’s usually meant for bodies that will haul a lot of rock or large debris.

Up to three Batch Gates can be added to any tailgate if you need to spread, or access the load with shovels.
If you require Amber warning lights, Langfab stocks a variety of LED Beacons, Strobes, and Flashers that can be installed on your dump body.

This add-on does exactly what it says. It vibrates.

Hit the switch that’s installed in the cab of your truck, and that stubborn, sticky or frozen material that gets jammed in the box will be jarred loose

Air Controls are most commonly added to Tridem Trucks, but can be installed on any dump body.

The controls are just as simple to use and sometimes preferred. Also if space is limited in the cab this can be a solution.

Hauling a contaminated or wet load? Then consider a Sealed Gate.

Langfab’s Sealed Gate has a rubberized seal that is compressed between the body and the tailgate by two external locks.

This ensures nothing will leak between job sites

These ladders are preferred and much easier to climb than regular dump body steps.

Perfect for inspecting your box’s load, the ladder ensures a 3-point contact at all times.

The ladder is especially great for when you haul equipment (such as sanders) that require you to hop into the box and secure them.

If you don’t want wooden sideboards, you can replace them with steel. This is a good idea if you’re constantly hauling abusive material such as heavy rock and frequently replacing boards.

Steel may add to the weight of your dump body, but it will take much more abuse than a wood sideboard.

Aluminum or Steel available, adds durability to wooden sideboards. They simply go over the boards and are bolted on.

Protects the sideboards from being smashed apart by abusive loads.

This option adds to the side height of your body and thus increases the volume it can hold near the front of the box

Treads are placed along the full length of your truck box.

Perfect if you want to easily inspect your load or climb into the box.

Some highways require tire chains. Langfab carries a variety of Chain Hangers that can be mounted to your equipment

If the standard holder isn’t enough for you, you can add more!

They generally go between the cab and the front of the body and can be made according to what you need them for, such as:

  • Rakes
  • Brooms
  • Axes
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Poly-roll

If you prefer to use an Electric Tarp System instead of an Air Tarp, no problem.

Langfab carries Electric Tarp Systems for all sizes of bodies. Electric Tarp Systems can be lighter weight than a conventional Air Tarp and still provide an excellent cover for your load.

Electric Tarp Systems can also be used if your truck does not have an Air System.

Whether you need a bit more room to carry things, have a unique item to store, or maybe very limited frame space on your chassis, Langfab can build a custom tool box to suit you in Steel or Aluminum.

If the standard shovel holder isn’t enough for you, you can add more!

They generally go between the cab and the front of the body, and can be made according to what you need them for, such as:

  • Rakes
  • Brooms
  • Axes
  • Wheel Chocks
Made in Canada
Using high-quality materials
and a Hardox® 450 floor

Do You Only
Haul Heavy Rock?

We get it – sometimes your job can change.

Yesterday you were hauling sand, today you’re hauling gravel, and tomorrow…well, tomorrow you’re hauling riprap. And now it looks like you’ll be hauling rock for quite some time. 

The Light Steel Body is perfect if you’re hauling a wide variety of payloads.   If heavy rock is all you do, we recommend our HD Body. 

The HD Body design is purposefully built for continuously hauling rock.

You Can Depend On

3 REasons

The Light Steel Body

Continuous Welds

When the sides, floor, and longsill are welded together, there’s no pause in welding.

This reduces the possibility of rust and corrosion.

High Fatigue Cast Components

There are many areas on a dump body (such as the Hoist A-Frame) that experience high stress, whether from constant movement or from holding a substantial amount of weight. 

Langfab has over 45 years of experience in recognizing and strengthening these high-stress areas.

We cast priority high-fatigue areas in liquid metal, which is incredibly durable to vibration and constant flexing.

Langfab Longsills​

Our Longsill is designed with max weight distribution in mind.

It strengthens your dump body, which in turn ensures the longevity of your body’s life.

One Piece Side
Cast Steel Components
Langfab Longsill

Body Length

Light Steel Bodies can be built for any truck length, from single axles to tridem.

The most common size (tandem axle, 16ft6) we generally keep in stock, pre-built and ready for any changes you require.

Paint Options

Light Steel Bodies can be painted either Langfab Silver or Langfab Storm Gray.

If you desire a different colour, that’s easy! Let our sales rep know, and they’ll work with you to pick the exact colour you’re looking for.

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