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Why Langfab?

The last thing you want is to put money, time, and effort into an asset that’s isn't optimal for your business.

When you first reach out to us, we discuss everything from your current requirements to what you hope to do in the future with your dump body. Do you want to haul rock? Do you haul different types of loads every day?

  We make sure you get the exact right product for your job.

Features That Come Standard
With Every Langfab Roll-Off


No Tarp

Tarp systems aren’t standard with Roll-Offs.

There are many materials that don’t require coverage (such as metal).

Your Roll-Off should have a tarp if the material you’re hauling can fly out of the bin, such as:

Did You Know?

You Can Get A Roll-Off Trailer.

If you’re doing more than just hauling bins in and around the city, you may want to consider a roll-off trailer.

A roll-off trailer will increase your load volume because our truck can carry 1 bin, while the trailer carries another. 

You Can Depend On

3 Benefits

Langfab's Roll-Off

Heavy-Duty Cable & Universal Hook

Langfab Roll-Offs have a cable and hook system that allows you to pick up any style of disposal bin.

Heavy Load Capacity
Langfab’s Roll-Off can handle hauling bins filled to the brim with heavy material, such as concrete and metal.
High Fatigue Cast Components
There are many areas on a roll-off that experience high stress, whether from constant movement or from holding a substantial amount of weight. Langfab has over 45 years of experience in recognizing these high-stress areas. We cast priority high-fatigue areas in liquid metal, which is incredibly durable to vibration and constant flexing.

Body Length

Langfab Roll-Offs can be built for any truck length, from single axles to tridem.

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