Langfab History

Langfab Fabrications Ltd. is a manufacturing company specializing in the production of high quality truck bodies, trailers, and related equipment for Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest trucking industry.

Langfab began in 1975 out of a small, two-car garage in Langley. Partners Joe McKee and Adrian Goyer decided to lease a single bay shop in a back alley which is now 196th Street in Langley. As the business grew the partners moved LangFab to Enterprise Way, where it still operates today.

Located less than 30 miles east of Vancouver, in Surrey, British Columbia, It’s history and story left behind over the last 40 years of operation, is a humble suggestion of how deep and sturdy Langfab’s roots have grown.

Joe McKee | Founder

Joe Mckee began working in the trucking industry when he was 18 years old as a choker man and part time driver in Port Neville. He later purchased his own truck and contracted trucks to work in the Indako mines and on the Hudson Hope Dam project.

He went on to own a body and fabrication shop in 100 Mile, then settled in the Fraser Valley with a young family, and continued to work in Truck body and trailer manufacturing.

Adrian Goyer | Founder

Adrian Goyer came to British Columbia from the prairies in the early 1960’s. He began work in the shipyards almost immediately and trained under a relative who had experience as a blacksmith and boilermaker.

Later in that decade, he noticed the trucking industry was incredibly active, especially in British Columbia. His experience and talent gained from working the shipyards transferred well into the trucking industry, and he had a lot to offer.

He joined Joe McKee in starting Langfab in 1975, with his experience and drive to provide and apply his experience and skills.

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