The Right Truck Body

for the
right job.

You manage a fleet of trucks for the City.

Each truck has a variety of purposes, and they need to be spec’d perfectly for their required jobs.

Because of this variety, it’s crucial that you tell your truck body and trailer supplier exactly what you need.Yet RFQ’s are complex, and you’re not sure how to start.

Here are 3 questions you likely ask yourself often:

Need Help
Creating An RFQ?

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We can help you create an RFQ that will ensure success.
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Looking to standardize your fleet?

We understand that each municipality has a unique set of requirements. 

We put in the time during the planning and design phase to make sure the equipment meets your needs both now and into the future.

Some Municipalities We Work With

The Langfab

Line of Products


Langfab began in 1975 out of a small, two-car garage in Langley.

Since then we have consistently expanded with a focus on helping strengthen the roots of the companies that we build for.

The Core

Are Langfab’s craftsmen: welders, fitters, and machinists form a hard-working team dedicated to building the best finished-product possible.


Langfab is the longest operating Truck Body & Custom Fabricators in the industry, and stands behind its product proudly.

With over 40 years experience we have established a brand that speaks for itself.

The Top 3 Issues With
Incorrect RFQs

Here’s what happens if you submit an RFQ that isn’t completely right:


You end up with products that don’t fit your trucks

When you give incorrect specs, you receive products that won’t fit your fleet properly and will cause unnecessary wear and tear.

They also make it more difficult to complete the jobs they were meant for. They’ll have the wrong suspension, power, and even control configuration.


The products you receive are wrong for the jobs you need them for

You didn’t realize that you need 5 dump bodies, not 6 pony trailers.

They’re two very different products, and the pony trailers won’t be able to do the job you ordered them for. Now everyone’s giving you the side-eye.


The order process becomes drawn-out

A poorly written RFQ likely has glaring gaps in the required information.

This prompts your supplier to constantly call you and ask questions so they can get your order complete.

This slows everything down and causes your order to take longer than necessary.

3 Ways Langfab Ensures
Your RFQ Is Perfect

Hit it out of the park with trucks that fit the need.


We come to you and help you draft it

Yes, you read that right! If you’re struggling with your RFQ, we can meet with you and advise you on how to do it. That includes figuring out the specs for each product!


We nail down the types of jobs you’re ordering for

During the RFQ drafting process, we ensure that the truck bodies and trailers you’re ordering are right for the jobs the City needs them for. 

We won’t let you accidentally order the wrong products.


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We SErve

Gravel & Aggregates
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24-Hour Repair Time On Langfab Products
45 Years As An Industry Innovator
Truck Bodies Built
SSAB Recognized: My Inner Strenx & Hardox In My Body

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