Mining Industry

The mining industry has come a long way since the discovery of coal nearly 350 years ago. There are now almost 1000 mining operations in Canada alone, making Canada one of the largest mining nations in the world. Mining operations require sophisticated equipment.

Langfab Fabrication has been fabricating mining vehicles and equipment for industrial applications for 40 years. Langfab brings together craftsmen, welders, fitters, and machinists to form a team backed by experience and skill. Having a solid foundation to draw from, Langfab stands proudly behind a reputation that has solidified over the decades: Our name stays on the road longer. Our creations and products meet and exceed our customers expectations, because we know the industry and have been doing it longer than anyone else in it.

Experience Matters

With over 40 years experience we stand behind our products craftsmanship.

Durable Bodies

The Quality is built in to make sure
“Our Name Stays On The Road Longer``

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